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Cecily Mak is a mother to two sons, writer, podcast host, co-founder of Wisdom Ventures, and the visionary behind ClearLife. ClearLife is a journey toward an undimmed life, where intention and presence flourish, unencumbered by the stigmas of addiction.


Cecily's ClearLife journey, influenced by her triumph over breast cancer in 2022 and her late mother's battle with alcoholism, fuels her mission of transformation and healing. Through her work, she extends a compassionate hand to those navigating similar paths, guiding them toward a life defined by connection, clarity, and well-being.


With over 20 years of diverse experience as an attorney, revenue leader, and COO, Cecily has spearheaded the growth of startups across various industries, including music, publishing, mindfulness, well-being, and crypto. As co-founder of Wisdom Ventures and co-founding limited partner of How Women Invest, Cecily is a champion for greater human connection and well-being. Her board memberships and support for various organizations, notably at SIY Global, and The U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, underscore her commitment to ethical leadership and social responsibility.


Whether parenting her two sons, supporting impact-driven entrepreneurs, or engaging with a global community, Cecily embodies the principles of ClearLife, inspiring others to embrace authenticity and heart-centered living. Her dedication to fostering presence, healthier relationships, and intentional living resonates deeply with individuals seeking a path of alignment and fulfillment.


Through her writing on Substack, Instagram, and alongside her Undimmed podcast guests, Cecily explores what it means to live life with clarity, grace, and authenticity.

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